New Morning

Ari had a vision and he held onto it even in the midst of great despair and hopelessness.  His vision was so strong and so true within him that miracles began to happen.  He didn’t know how it would all turn out; he just knew that it would to the benefit of all and beyond anyone’s expectations.  He knew out of this dark night, the new morning would come.

He felt impressed upon his heart, “In unity there is strength.”  How could this be when his enemy Zev, the leopard and all his pack were at any moment coming to annihilate Ari’s weakened pride of lions who were hiding in the cave at the base of the waterfall?

Ari’s vision was for his pride and Zev’s pack to join as one and unite.  He knew that there would be more strength, more to accomplish, more protection, and more wisdom should they unite together.  He chose not to magnify the differences of the two groups but to magnify their strengths. They could learn so much from each other.

Ari encouraged those lions in his pride that were not too weak to join him and stand before the enemy’s awaited attack.  All the while he continued to hold on to his vision.  Ari held the vision even while during the fight, Zev had pinned him down ready to strike the final blow in just a matter of seconds.  And, in those final seconds circumstances dramatically changed forever.

The dark night passed and the new morning did come and an alliance was born as Ari’s faith stood firm until the end.

Unity is such a beautiful word and idea.  The meaning is, “agreement, a combination of separate parts into a connected whole, or of different people with common aim.”  And, so the words of Ari ring so true, “But indeed, if we respect our differences and forgive one another of the past, we may then be able to come together and in our union be stronger than ever before.  In unity there is strength.”

Each person uniquely has something to contribute and when this is allowed there really are no limits to what a group of people can do.


“How good and beautiful it is when the people dwell together in unity!”  ~Proverbs 133:1

“The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.”  ~W. Somerset Maugham

“Individuality or Unity?  I say there’s room for both.”  ~Brian Celio

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