Monthly Archives: June 2013

Journey to the Waterfall

Welcome to my first Blog post.  What a journey it has been for me to be here with you to share the message of my book “So Much The Better”.  I am so glad I took that very first step over 20 years ago.  My heart is truly touched by the wonderful feedback I have received from the readers of my book and I want to say thank you for all of your support.

The word journey simply means traveling from one place to the other.  From the beginning, Ari’s journey was to find his way back to his pride, to his beloved homeland, to the highest mountain, to the waterfall which to him was a symbol of security, belonging, and strength.

Where is your journey taking you?  Do you have a waterfall you are longing for?  Is there a place of security, belonging, and strength that you desire to come back to?  What will you learn along the way, what have you learned already? Continue reading