Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Peace of Dov

While on your journey through life, have you ever felt that the snow was falling heavier now, making the trail more difficult to follow? Everything is turning white and your progress becomes slow. Traveling for days in these conditions may cause your hopes to fade. The cold and exhaustion begins to take its toll on your body and mind.

You may begin to lag farther and farther behind on the trail. Maybe you feel as though you cannot take another step. A voice inside you says, “You must keep going” but you can hear nothing. The snow swirls around your head and your stomach continues to ache. You start to shake uncontrollably and your vision is blurred.

But then, you sense something come very close to you. A presence with a low, deep voice that says to you, “Come”. ¬†With every ounce of strength left in your body you take the first step. You know that your survival depends on it. Stumbling at first and then finding your footing you continue to follow the voice. Continue reading