As Tears Stung His Eyes

 As a very young cub, Ari learned one of the most important truths that would carry him through time and time again as he ventured on the path toward home. His journey began with a tragedy that left him completely alone and lost. Everything he knew and held dear to his heart was gone and the loving security of his pride of lions would no longer be there to support him. He moved farther back into the shadows as tears stung his eyes.

Difficult situations may have moved you farther back into the shadows with tears in your eyes and left you feeling completely alone.  Your mind begins to imagine all the scenarios that fill your heart with fears, doubts, anxiety, and you think your life will never return to the happiness you once knew.

But there is a way to turn this around. Ari was given the truth that helped him hesitantly creep back out of the shadows. Everything changed for Ari when he heard the words come to him,

“I will help you. You are not alone.”

When you accept the truth that you are never alone and that help is just a breath away, the shadows break and the light of love begins to surround you. All that is needed is to whisper a prayer and find the faith in your heart that your prayer is heard and that you truly are loved.

This perfect love will begin to cast out the fears, doubts, and anxiety as you fill your mind with new thoughts of hope that things can change for the better. You find confidence that the help you need will certainly come. You will begin to learn and grow through the situation, through the place of the shadows into new realms of light that you never thought would be possible.

Ari found this truth very early in his journey and it carried him through many challenges along the way. He knew he was never alone. He held on to the knowing in his heart that he would always find the help he needed. He would remember the words of his dear friend and guide, Eliezer, the eagle, “You must remain steady, regardless of whatever happens around you, for this will be your strength.”

One way to remain steady is to remember to pray without ceasing, to breathe in the love that is always there surrounding you. This love that is ever ready to wipe away the tears that sting your eyes and gently take your hand guiding you out of the shadows and onto the path of peace.

My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”  ~ Exodus 33:14

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