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Step Out of the Shadows

There is a place in the shadows that we all dwell in at some time or another.  We stay hidden there trying to peek out and understand how to step out fully into the brilliant sunshine where in our heart we know abides more fulfillment and meaning.  But how do we do it?  How do we step out of the shadows and get ourselves into the wonderful warmth of the sun? Continue reading

Joyful Sound

Do you hear it?  It may very well change your life if you do.  Ari stepped into it first.  As he pushed his way through the thick bush, he heard a humming noise that sounded like soft music.  It was enchanting and before long, the small lion broke through the undergrowth into a lush meadow.  The grass beneath his feet felt like velvet and the color appeared like glittering emeralds shining in the sunlight.  A gentle breeze swept over him.  The smell of fresh rain was in the air. Continue reading

Thoughtful Dreams

The turning over of a new year can prompt us to remember the dreams for our life that we have held deep within our heart for a long time.  We somehow glean hope that now we have a fresh new start, a new place of beginning and perhaps this will be the year that our dreams will finally come true. 

But many times the year goes by too quickly and our dreams remain buried in our heart once again.  We desperately hold on to them hoping for the best to come “someday”.  This cycle can repeat itself for many years and for some their dreams may just fade away. Continue reading

The Magnitude of It

Did you ever think what it actually cost Jesus to come to this earth?  We celebrate the season of Christmas to remember His birth but do we really understand the magnitude of it?  He left a world where he lived for eons of eternity past, a realm of peace, rest, harmony, a state of tranquility, a world of wholesomeness, an atmosphere of total love.  It was a place where He moved completely at ease, creating and governing the entire universe.  This was His home. Continue reading

Forgetful Freedom

Do you have something in your heart that just wears on you?  It can be subtle, and it isn’t on your mind constantly but the heaviness of it never seems to leave you.  You think you have let it go and moved forward but then it keeps popping up again, tugging at your heart, annoying you, putting you in an unpleasant mood.  We don’t like that it is there and so once again we just push it back down inside of us.  We don’t want to label this feeling, we don’t want to deal with this feeling and so we ignore it…until the next time. Continue reading

Upon Ari’s Face

“Determination rose upon Ari’s face.”   Ari was determined to take action, to move forward.  He made up his mind he would not quit or give up on his purpose and quest.  He was resolute to a definite line of action, he was unwavering and firm in his decision.  This behavior caused reactions to surface from those around him.  Fear and doubt were expressed concerning his plan but this did not deter Ari in the least. Continue reading

The Way of Wisdom

We have such an abundance of knowledge flowing at our very fingertips.  But what do we do with all this knowledge once we have it?  What about situations that arise in our daily lives?  Many times these situations bring us to the brink of making an important decision and we find ourselves at a loss for what to do.  Wisdom is what makes the knowledge we gain useful to us.  Wisdom is what turns the light on.  So, how do we get wisdom working in our lives? Continue reading

Gathering Courage

Gathering is the key.  Each step we take, each person we meet, each situation we pass through, each word of inspiration we read, each fear we conquer, fuels the fire of courage in our heart.  The meaning of courage is, “bravery, fearlessness, daring”, coming from the Latin word cor which means the heart.  Ari drew up and out of him, from his core, his heart, the courage that he needed to face the wild boars even while he was still shaking with fear. Continue reading

Journey to the Waterfall

Welcome to my first Blog post.  What a journey it has been for me to be here with you to share the message of my book “So Much The Better”.  I am so glad I took that very first step over 20 years ago.  My heart is truly touched by the wonderful feedback I have received from the readers of my book and I want to say thank you for all of your support.

The word journey simply means traveling from one place to the other.  From the beginning, Ari’s journey was to find his way back to his pride, to his beloved homeland, to the highest mountain, to the waterfall which to him was a symbol of security, belonging, and strength.

Where is your journey taking you?  Do you have a waterfall you are longing for?  Is there a place of security, belonging, and strength that you desire to come back to?  What will you learn along the way, what have you learned already? Continue reading