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The Gathering

As a little cub, Ari had the comfort and security of the daily rhythms of his pride.  Each morning the lionesses would gather the cubs.  They would make their way down the winding path to get a drink from the lake at the bottom of the waterfall.  Each evening they would gather once again into the safety of the cave drifting off into a peaceful sleep together.  This gave Ari a sense of identity and belonging.  It developed a foundation in his world that carried him through a most devastating and life shaking experience that changed his life forever. Continue reading

As Tears Stung His Eyes

 As a very young cub, Ari learned one of the most important truths that would carry him through time and time again as he ventured on the path toward home. His journey began with a tragedy that left him completely alone and lost. Everything he knew and held dear to his heart was gone and the loving security of his pride of lions would no longer be there to support him. He moved farther back into the shadows as tears stung his eyes. Continue reading

New Morning

Ari had a vision and he held onto it even in the midst of great despair and hopelessness.  His vision was so strong and so true within him that miracles began to happen.  He didn’t know how it would all turn out; he just knew that it would to the benefit of all and beyond anyone’s expectations.  He knew out of this dark night, the new morning would come. Continue reading

Gathering Courage

Gathering is the key.  Each step we take, each person we meet, each situation we pass through, each word of inspiration we read, each fear we conquer, fuels the fire of courage in our heart.  The meaning of courage is, “bravery, fearlessness, daring”, coming from the Latin word cor which means the heart.  Ari drew up and out of him, from his core, his heart, the courage that he needed to face the wild boars even while he was still shaking with fear. Continue reading