Forgetful Freedom

Do you have something in your heart that just wears on you?  It can be subtle, and it isn’t on your mind constantly but the heaviness of it never seems to leave you.  You think you have let it go and moved forward but then it keeps popping up again, tugging at your heart, annoying you, putting you in an unpleasant mood.  We don’t like that it is there and so once again we just push it back down inside of us.  We don’t want to label this feeling, we don’t want to deal with this feeling and so we ignore it…until the next time.

The truth is that this “feeling” is unforgiveness toward someone.  We don’t want to face this truth because it puts the responsibility back on us.  It is much easier to keep the blame on “them” because after all “they” are the ones that hurt us so much. 

This attitude is exactly what keeps you from being free and then bitterness of the soul takes root.  Staying in a place of “unforgiveness” holds you back from living the best life you can live. Why would you want to give another person such power over you?

Are you ready to deal with this “feeling” once and for all?   It is going to require you to make a huge shift in your heart but you can do it if you choose to.

Ari found the place in his heart to forgive Zev for all of the terrible damage he had done to Ari’s beloved pride.  Even at the peak of this dire situation with emotions screaming within his whole being, Ari found the strength to choose to follow love and forgive; he chose to trust that love would carry him through the tragedy to final victory. 

Ari spoke out this wisdom to the rest of his pride, “We must find it in our hearts to forgive our enemy and then we shall see that good conquers all.”  Forgiveness begins with love, the kind of love that has no conditions, the kind of love that will not fail.

Forgiveness is, to pardon, to let it go, to stop “feeling” angry or resentful toward someone.  How do we do this?  One way is to forget which means “unable to remember, unable to think of.”  Isn’t this what God has done for us? 

In His grace God becomes forgetful of our offenses.  He wipes the slate clean with His plan of forgiveness and remembers it no more.  With His divine help we can do the same. When we forgive and also forget, it takes place in our own mind and heart, it has nothing to do with the other person.

Would you like to experience forgetful freedom?  Would you like to move into a place in your life where you are truly full of peace?  Then forget about it, stop thinking about it, be unable to remember, forgive, let the anger go, and be free. 

Move through forgiveness into love.

“Then said Jesus, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”     ~Luke 23:34

“Forgiveness is the giving, and so the receiving, of life.”      ~ George MacDonald 

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