Joyful Sound

Do you hear it?  It may very well change your life if you do.  Ari stepped into it first.  As he pushed his way through the thick bush, he heard a humming noise that sounded like soft music.  It was enchanting and before long, the small lion broke through the undergrowth into a lush meadow.  The grass beneath his feet felt like velvet and the color appeared like glittering emeralds shining in the sunlight.  A gentle breeze swept over him.  The smell of fresh rain was in the air.

Ari stepped further out into the meadow with Gamzo following close behind.  They felt the soft grass beneath their feet send waves of strength up into their legs and body.  The sensation was exhilarating.  They stood, still unable to move.  The fragrance of the meadow was captivating and several deer gracefully stepped out into the center of the meadow.

Ari and Gamzo could not take their eyes off of them.  Once again they heard the humming noise.  It was the deer singing to one another.  It started out sounding like the soft music they had listened to earlier but now it was changing.  The deer began to prance and dance and leap for joy around the meadow.  The song of the deer lifted its tempo to match the gaiety of the dancing.  The deer joined in to form several large circles and engaged in many dances known by all.

Ari and Gamzo swayed back and forth to the beat.  They watched the deer and lost all sense of time.  The joy electrified every cell in their bodies.  The atmosphere caused them to explode with giddiness and laughter.  Then the tempo slowed down and only the soft humming could be heard once again.  Ari and Gamzo collapsed into the grass with a great calmness sweeping over them as the deer started to disappear back among the tall dense trees.

Just think of what would happen if we entered into the meadow of the joyful sound humming within us more often, swaying back and forth to the beat as we walk through our day.  When we experience moments of giddiness and laughter exploding out of us others just may catch on to the joyful sound as well changing the course of their day, too.  Maybe even the course of their whole life.

The deer knew the power of joy.  As Tirza explained to Gamzo, “Joy brings strength.  It is our way.”

Flow into the movement of the joyful sound.  Dance and prance lifting the tempo of gaiety while bringing others into the circle of joy with you.  Hearts will leap with strength and hope to continue the journey.  And, then at the end of each day you can collapse into the night with a great calmness sweeping over you …as you dream of waking up in the meadow hearing the joyful sound of the humming once again.


“You will show me the path of life, in your presence is fullness of joy”  ~ Psalm 16:11

“Your success and happiness lies in you.  Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.”  ~ Helen Keller


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