Reflection in the Water

One day when the air was clear and the sun was warm on Ari’s back he strolled down toward the creek to take a drink from the cool water. When he arrived at the creek, the water was motionless and looked like shiny glass. Ari was about to test the water with his paw when, suddenly, he stopped and jumped back, landing with a thud in the sand. Eliezer, the eagle appeared and perched on a low branch. He noticed the puzzled look on Ari’s face.

“Why are you so troubled on such a fine morning?”

Ari crept closer to Eliezer while keeping a sharp eye on the water.

“There is another lion in the creek,” Ari whispered. “And its not me!”

Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself, a reflection that startled you? Perhaps you saw yourself in a fleeting moment as a confident, capable, strong person, a leader who really could step out and fulfill the dreams deep down in your heart.

But just as Ari did, you whisper to yourself, “Its not me.” You jump back, landing with a thud in the sand.

You can’t seem to believe that those deep yearnings in your heart, those dreams that have been growing inside of you are really possible.

Eliezer explained to Ari the truth of what the water was reflecting.

The other lion is you!  Ari, your mane, the fur around your face, has grown into its fullness. You are a mature lion now.”

And, the truth for you is the same. The dreams of your heart have grown into their fullness. You have been through experiences in life and you are a mature person now. You really are the confident, capable, strong person that can be a leader and make the difference that you have always dreamed of.

You came into this world with courage and love. You came with gifts to share. You came with the desire to make an impact on those around you, you came with dreams in your heart.

It is time now to step into the truth of who you are. The confident, capable, strong leader God created you to be. It is time now to shine your light into the world.

Ari slowly walked back down to the creek and glanced at his reflection in the water. He turned his head from side to side and thought to himself. “It is me.”

It is you… You were born for much more than what you have been living. It is the truth shown in the water’s reflection. Showing that you truly are a reflection of God, created in the image of God to fulfill your dreams, the dreams that God put into your heart.

Even with some doubts still swirling in his mind, Ari embraced the truth of the water’s reflection. This is who he really was now, a mature lion and he took the first step on his journey to finding his destiny and changing the lives of many for generations to come.

How about you? Will you embrace the truth of the reflection that you see in the water? Will you take the first step. Will you embrace the truth of who God really created you to be and become? If so, your divine destiny awaits you and the lives of many others will be changed.

Remembering the water’s reflection. It is you…. and in God’s strength you can follow your destiny and fulfill the dreams of your heart.

“I can do all things through God’s love which strengthens me.”  ~Philippians 4:13

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”  ~ John Quincy Adams

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