Song of Your Heart


You are wonderfully made, an authentic one of a kind, unlike anything else.  You are brilliant, talented, amazing, and simply the best at being you.  Your heart beats with the rhythm of your own unique song.

But, perhaps in the past you stepped out to sing your own song with expectations of great joy only to be met with disappointment, embarrassment, or even heartache instead.  This caused the song of your heart to stay buried within.  It wasn’t safe to sing anymore.

Shirarina stopped singing her songs when the other birds in the forest mocked her. She even tried to leave the forest. “… each time I become lost and confused and end up flying in circles.”  When we stop expressing who we really are, the magnificent creation of love that we are, when we hold back from singing the song of our heart, we too can become lost and confused about life.

Then Shirarina met Ari, a friend who would speak words of courage into her heart, words that would change everything for her, words that set her in flight to freedom, “keep singing…don’t stop because of them.”

Keep singing the song of your heart. Sing it out!  All of creation is holding its breath, waiting to hear the melodies only you can sing.  And, when you do, miracles begin to happen and lives are changed.

 Thank you for making me so wonderful!  It is amazing to think about.  Your workmanship is marvelous.”     ~Psalms 139:13-14

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