The Way of Wisdom

We have such an abundance of knowledge flowing at our very fingertips.  But what do we do with all this knowledge once we have it?  What about situations that arise in our daily lives?  Many times these situations bring us to the brink of making an important decision and we find ourselves at a loss for what to do.  Wisdom is what makes the knowledge we gain useful to us.  Wisdom is what turns the light on.  So, how do we get wisdom working in our lives?

Wisdom simply comes to those who will be still and listen, really listen, and to those who will ask in sincerity.  This is the Way of Wisdom.

Listen means to attend closely to, or to pay attention.  In this fast paced life our attention is pulled in so many directions and we have forgotten how to do this.  Wisdom listens, slows down, and pays attention to what is happening in the moment. Wisdom is ready to listen to what others are trying to say to them.  Wisdom pauses to ask questions and takes the time to find out what is really going on.

Wisdom withdraws into a quiet place to be still and attend closely to the guidance from within.  Wisdom also asks and expects to find the answers.  The meaning of ask is to seek for.  Wisdom slows down enough to seek for direction on how to use the knowledge it has gained.

“Answers will come as the questions are asked.  As you look within your heart you will find what you seek.  Press on and the way will open before you.”

This bit of wisdom spoken to Ari by Eliezer, the golden eagle is a good place to start.  Asking the questions and looking within to see what may unfold will set us on the path to wisdom.  Ari asked questions of Eliezer and he listened closely.

Ari was at a great crossroads in his journey.  He needed guidance for his next steps forward.  He closed his eyes in deep concentration and thought.  Ari remained still and listened within.  Then and only then was when he remembered the mountains.  This was answer that launched Ari’s journey forward and carried him home.

Are you at a crossroads in your journey?  Use the Way of Wisdom by slowing down and listening to those around you, begin to really listen within, be willing to ask, to seek, to be still and the answers will come forth in the light of love.

“When wisdom enters into your heart, and knowledge, it is pleasant to your soul.”

     ~Proverbs 2:10

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