Two Are Better Than One

There is only one thing deep down inside of us that we truly want.  This one thing will satisfy our deepest desires, it will make our lives more meaningful, joyous, peaceful, and secure.  This one thing is what we all search for; strive for, long for, but we never seem to fully get a grasp of it.  The truth is that this one thing we are seeking for so desperately is simply as close to us as our very own heartbeat.

This one thing is called unconditional love.  Love and acceptance without limitations or conditions, to be loved completely just the way we are and to love others in just the same way.  It is the very nature of us all except we have forgotten this divine truth.  We have believed instead that we are not good enough, we do not deserve this, we must change ourselves so that we will be loved and accepted and that it is not safe to simply just be ourselves.

We begin then to feel separated from others and in order to survive; we begin to judge others in order to cope with the feelings of not being accepted ourselves.  Division, competition, comparison, or strife can be the normal way of life.  All the while our heart is beating trying to remind us that we are truly enough, that we are deeply loved right now by our loving Creator, with each heartbeat at this very moment.

Ari began to recognize this truth during a very dire situation when all hope for the survival of his pride seemed to be lost.  It was to become the very solution to their dilemma.  Little did he know that he would be demonstrating this truth of unconditional love by nearly giving up his own life.

Ari began by saying, “We must not magnify our differences.  We must stop the division; together we can be stronger.  We must see the best in our enemy.”  Ari knew deep within his heart that this was the answer, the only answer and he must make them understand.

“Don’t you see?  Two are better than one, for the results can bring more success.  One standing alone can be attacked and defeated but two can stand back to back and conquer.”

Unconditional love and acceptance was the solution and they all agreed to the wisdom of Ari’s plan.  But it was too late as word came suddenly that the enemy was at hand with the intent to attack and take over completely that very night.

During this devastating attack Ari displayed the ultimate actions of unconditional love. He nearly gave his own life to save the life of Zev, the leader of the fierce enemy and this action completely changed the lives of many generations to come.  Unconditional love takes courage but the results are far reaching.

What would the world be like if we unconditionally loved and accepted ourselves and others and we allowed every bit of our magnificence to shine out into the world?  Perhaps the judgment would stop, comparison, strife and division would dissolve away, we would join together and become stronger.

Unconditional love and acceptance is a powerful force and it starts with us first.  When we love and accept ourselves just the way we are then we will be able to extend that same love to others freely.

Two are better than one.  Two can stand back to back and conquer because love never fails.


“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient bearing one another in love.”  ~ Ephesians 4:2

“Blessed is the influence of one true loving human soul on another.” ~ George Eliot

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